Why Should You Hire A Florida Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

If you recently sustained an injury at your workplace, this is most likely a difficult time for you. The most important thing at the moment is your health and getting medical care for your injuries. Another major concern you may have is how to pay your bills if you are unable to work due to your workplace injury. This is where a workers’ comp claim can be of immense help.

Florida’s workers’ compensation laws exist to attend to some of the important concerns of injured workers, such as their medical care and temporary income to sustain them until they are able to return to work. You’re qualified for Workers’ Compensation benefits regardless of what caused the accident. Any injuries sustained while working are actionable.

Although the workers’ compensation system in Florida is designed to provide benefits in a timely manner, workers have to rely on insurance companies to fulfill the provisions of the workers’ compensation laws. The sad reality is that these insurance companies are usually more interested in denying claims to save money than paying injured workers their benefits. This is why you need a competent workers’ comp attorney in Florida to take up your case and get you your deserved benefits. In addition to fighting for your rights, a lawyer can help you handle the paperwork and track deadlines so you can focus on fully recovering.

If you got injured on your job, it is important to have a Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorney evaluate all of your documents prior to filing a Florida Workers’ Compensation lawsuit. Please remember that you must report the accident within 30 days. You must file the lawsuit within 2 years of the accident. It is key that you file the correct paperwork to ensure that you get the deserved Medical and Lost Wage Benefits.  Orlando Murillo law firm has a system designed to make the entire process seamless once they file your workers’ compensation lawsuit.

Orlando Murillo is a personal injury law firm in Florida that has helped many workers take on evil insurance companies and won them their deserved workers’ compensation benefits. If you sustained an injury at your workplace and need a highly experienced personal injury attorney to represent you, you cannot go wrong with the guys at Orlando Murillo.

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